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Dear friends,

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve reached out to our subscribers and sent out updates. I’m really sorry about that. A lot of things have happened and it’s been quite a ride for our family.

If you’ve been coming to Organic Oven for years, you know, we consider you family. From staff to customers, we’ve shared laughs, tears and many milestones — from weddings to birthdays to medical histories — this is that type of place.

And in the middle of it all was my mom Peachy and our family — both immediate and extended.

For the past couple of years, people have been surprised to walk in to the bakery and not see her here. People have asked what’s been going on and even though this was always the kind of place where we told each other everything, we’ve been pretty silent about what’s happened.

Most of you know that her husband, Dennis, passed away two years ago after being in a coma for eight months. Many of you might not know that while he was in the hospital, she was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer — specifically, a very aggressive subtype that doesn’t usually respond to chemo.

Although she had a surgery to remove the tumour, she declined chemotherapy for this reason. If it was the end for her, she wanted to have a good quality of life for the short amount of time she may have left.

But, she didn’t take it lying down.

We sought out the best alternative therapies out there and my mom beat the odds by staying cancer-free for two years (recurrence usually happens within 6-months with her type of cancer).

Sadly, last month, we were told that her cancer was back and she would need another surgery. It worked the first time, and we’re optimistic that it will work again this time. She has a very good oncology team on her side, and a very good surgical team who got clean margins last time.

But, because she had a recurrence, my mom will have to seek out more aggressive therapies to make sure it doesn’t come back again. And these therapies aren’t cheap.

As hard as it is for my family to share this struggle, my mom allowed me to share her story so that we could raise money to get her the treatments that she deserves.

I’ve set up a GoFundMe page for my mom. You’re more than welcome to visit and to subscribe. Even if you’re unable to donate at this time, sharing this link on Facebook, Twitter or even by email, just to get the word out, will help us raise money. Even if not that, it’s a great place for you and your family to get updates if you are interested in my mom’s battle.

Again, many of you have asked. It was never my story to share, which is why I never really told you. Since Organic Oven has always treated everyone like family, it wasn’t fair to many of you. For that, I apologize.

In the coming months, we will be having a bunch of fundraising events, from selling teal cupcakes, to selling ribbons, watches, teal scarves and even raising money to participate in the Walk of Hope in Burlington in September (we really want to participate but we may have to put it off until next year, because of my mom’s new surgery).

Thank you for sharing your lives with us for the past 13 years. Even though Peachy isn’t here everyday, the bakery doors are still open, and you are all welcome to come by. We’re still family-owned and operated — and our family has gotten much bigger, too! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Peace & Love to All <3
Precious Lesko (Peachy’s Daughter)

Who do you wear a #TealRibbon for?

Teal is the ribbon colour representing ovarian cancer. For friends and family, especially those going through it, wearing teal helps everyone affected by the disease show support without saying a word.

Daffodil flowers are a universal symbol for hope and life, and are commonly used by the cancer community.

We’re selling teal and daffodil cupcakes to help raise money for Peachy.

We have some in stock everyday, but you can always pre-order if you want a specific flavour. Raspberry and chocolate cupcakes are decorated with teal ribbons or daffodils, while vanilla and carrot cupcakes are decorated with teal icing.

They are $3.99 a piece or $15 per pack of four. All proceeds will go directly towards treatments for Peachy or be used to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Canada or The Walk of Hope.

Thank you for your love & support!



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