June 27, 2010

It’s All In The Family



Pilar Yutangco Daye
Owner and Founder
Better known as Peachy, owner and founder, Pilar Yutangco, started in the bakery business long before she lived in Canada. Although she studied chemical engineering, she discovered her love of baking back in Manila, Philippines.After her daughter, Precious Lesko, was born, Peachy became a housewife. She took this opportunity to create a unique line of wholewheat baked goods, which at the time, was considered to be the healthiest grain around. She even perfected a diabetic-friendly loaf.Soon after, her neighbours began buying her bread.

It did not take long before she realized her baking would create a successful business.

Shortly after, she opened Peachy’s Bakeshop.

The business quickly flourished.

In 1995, Peachy came to Canada with her only daughter, after escaping from an domestically abusive home. As a single mother, she struggled between jobs, working under the table until she was able to acquire her landed immigrant status. After becoming a Canadian citizen, she worked as a consultant at a national security firm in Toronto.

After the branch shut down, Peachy remembered her loved for baking. Soon after, she continued what she started in the Philippines but this time, the nutritional trend started moving towards organic foods.

In June 2002, Organic Oven opened its doors to the public. Originally located at Rambler Drive, Organic Oven sold a variety of products made from organic wholewheat, spelt, rye and kamut grains. Because Organic Oven was a small business, many people began asking for custom-baked goods.

Peachy quickly learned that most of her clients were on gluten-free, wheat-free, egg-free, dairy-free, vegan, sugar-free or other restricted diets so, when Organic Oven re-opened at its new location on Melanie Crescent, it became a completely gluten-free facility.

In 2005, Organic Oven became one of the only two companies in Brampton to ever be recognized as the most outstanding emerging businesses (and only few have followed since).

After almost 13 years of business, Organic Oven has nowhere to go but up.

William Esplana
William, or “Willie” as we like to call him, has been part of the Organic Oven family for over a decade. He has become more than just a staff worker. He is also a good family friend.
The Lesko Family
General Managers
Peachy’s daughter Precious is the general manager of Organic Oven, along with her husband. In addition to being partners in life, Precious and her husband also partner to split the long hours and the hard task of managing the best gluten-free allergen-free bakery in the GTA. The couple have three children. They may be too young to bake a good batch of chocolate chip cookies, but they love to help mommy and daddy deliver goodies to customers.